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About Us.

Obsessive Games was created by Jannie Prinsloo. Hi, and thank you for the taking the time to read this, I love to create games, I also love to play games, this is why I decided to create my own "studio". Everyone starts out as a single person and grows in time, but let me tell you one thing, I have a great passion for Game Development. Join me on this journey.

Current project is Guild Hall Adventures which is a Hack n Slash Survival RPG.

Fight, Rebuild & Upgrade, Research, Survive, Gather, Quest, Explore

This is a low poly Fantasy World. An Action-RPG Hack n Slash Survival Game. Survive against monsters and rebuild your town and follow the Story

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I have tried Kickstarter to fund my games that I create, but the coverage I have as a Solo Indie Developer did not reach everyones ears, so those that do want the games I create to be realized and also for those that want their copy of the game ahead of time, make sure to support the patreon with the Reward Tiers available and be able to play games at Alpha stage with a certain tier.

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