Brewery Kingdom was created in Unity 2019.4.18f1


The project is a Tower Defence game.

You have to defend your brewery with your dwarven towers

What have I done in this project

Grid Snapping
3D Text Label implementation
Coordinates System
List creation of waypoint path
Added Couritines for timed movements
Using premade assets for base project
Making Prefabs and Variant prefabs to make the creation of the level easier
Smoothed enemy movement with lerp
Mouse input detection on certain areas of the grid
Getting Towers to target the enemy
Towers damaging the enenmy
Implemented debugging tools
Making the enemy find the path if the level had to change
Instantiating enemies
Object pooling (saving performance)
Target closest enemy, only use particle system when in range
Currency System & Lose Condition
Difficulty increase
Refactoring code and making sure no bugs are in the prototype
Playtesting and balancing
Implementing Breadth First Search algorithm
Dictionary made for the grid layout
Exploring Neighbors and the World
Blocking Nodes where the enemies can't walk & making a valid path
Broadcast messages
Overloading methods
Build Timer for the towers