Fish Money was created in Unity 2020.3.20f1


The project is a Hyper Casual Fishing Game.

Mechanics in the game:

  • Tap to cast your hook and drag on the screen to move the hook.
  • As the hook comes up, when you go over a fish, it gets attached to the hook
  • Strength defines how many fishes can be hooked
  • Length allows you to go deeper to catch more valuable fish which gives greater rewards
  • Offline earnings allows the player to close the game and come back and still gain progress by receiving cash per minute offline

What have I done in this project

Dotween is used for the camera movement.
Singletons used in the project for easier access to the manager scripts.
Used PlayerPrefs as a saving method to save the progress of your game when it is closed and opened again.
Enum used for screen swap as there is only 1 scene in the game.
Created a class for the FishTypes so that new fishes can be added easily into the game.