Obstacle course was created in Unity 2019.4.18f1


The project is designed to show everything in the console.

You get the welcome message and the instructions on how to move your player and the aim of the game to not hit walls / objects while reaching the finish.

What have I done in this project

SerializedFields for the player movement & used input method of GetAxis (C# language with Unity ofc)
Movement of the player is measured with Time.deltatime
Used Cinamachine for the camera movements
Did some basic collisions and called methods
Used the OnCollisionEnter events for objects and the player
Made a score system with if statements
Customized the tags for use in the scripts
Made a basic level design of how the course looks now

Future Plans

  • Create a game design document for the game that I will create with this concept.

  • Changing the art and give more difficult challenges for each level.

  • Make it possible to win & lose in the game.

  • Saving and loading progress.

Main Development