Paint Hit was created in Unity 2020.3.20f1


The project is a Hyper Casual Game. You predict when to tap, to paint open areas.

Mechanics in the game:

  • Tap to launch your ball towards the circle to paint a new block.
  • If you hit an already painted area, you lose.
  • The circles rotates randomly with each level.
  • The speed of the rotation can be set to a certain speed to give the player a harder experience.
  • More hearts can be given to survive more than 1 failure.

What have I done in this project

The Assets is cool as the circle is made of pieces of a circle that gets enabled as soon as the ball collides and changes the ball to the color of a color array. The Color Array randomizes with each new Circle.
Animations are used for the UI to make the game more juicy.
Used PlayerPrefs as a saving method to save the progress of your game when it is closed and opened again.
Sounds added at the proper methods of the game, when failing, completing and hitting the circle.
Using iTween.MoveBy with an easetype spring, this adds each circle ontop of each other when all the balls are used for the current circle.