Project Boost was created in Unity 2019.4.18f1


The project is a Arcade game about launch a rocket and landing a rocket without hitting anything.

You have to control your rocket and the direction you boost it in without touching any objects or the terrain itself.

What have I done in this project

Basic Input Binding
Adding Relative Force
Thrusting variables for the rocket
Transforming rotation of the rocket
Rigidbody constraints and freezing constraints to get collision working properly with physics
Implementation of the Audio Source so that it plays only when you use the thrusters
Switch statements for tags on GameObjects
Respawning using SceneManager
Loading the next level once reaching endpoint
Added the Invoke to delay some seconds after crashing / finishing the level
Multiple Audio Clips - success and failure sounds
Triggering particles
Refactoring code with extract method
Debug Codes / Cheat Codes
Level design
Automatic moving objects for difficulty increase
Mathemathical code with Mathf.Sin and tau
Made 2 Levels